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Cynthia G.Renard

Magnifique mammifères ailés : suite pour la fin du monde


Cynthia G.Renard’s taxonomy of Quebec’s bat population is as informative as it is playful and creative. In this film, the artist uses the Grantham Foundation as an educational platform to demystify and destigmatize common perceptions about the mysterious winged creatures. Through animation, drawing, flight simulation, collage, and other materials, G.Renard brings our attention to their endangered status and the need to embrace the fantastic mamals instead of being repulsed or afraid of them. An integral part of our ecosystem, in this film bats are celebrated, revered, and given their moment in the limelight, away from the dark caves of disinformation and caricatures of “Nosferatu” (1922) they are usually associated with.

Cynthia G.Renard is a visual artist and poet. Their works have been shown in solo exhibitions in Québec, and abroad. G.Renard shapes a multifaceted universe in which politics, identities, and the imaginary are combined through painting, sculpture, installation, poetry, and performance.